Corpus de Habla Radiofónica de Guayaquil

CHARG (Corpus de Habla Radiofónica de Guayaquil) is a collection of annotations of 24 hours of radio recordings from eight radio stations broadcast in the city of Guayaquil Ecuador.

The corpus is organized following six linguistic strata (informative, opinion, cultural, sports, entertainment and advertisement programs) and four speech styles (text read aloud, guided monologues, interview and talks and debates).

The annotations include orthographic transcription, grapheme-to-phoneme conversion in SAMPA, word layer, syllable layer and phoneme layer with word accent tagging.

The detailed description of the corpus is available in Sawicka-Stępińska, Brygida (2021). Me como las eses hasta en la sopa. Cambio fonético frente a la norma en el español ecuatoriano. Berlin: Peter Lang Publishing Group.